The Bowtie Baster zoa is one of the most hardy zoanthids in our collection. It is capable of growing a longer stalk than most other zoanthids and is able to outcompete others for light as well as being able to grow in lower light conditions than other members of its species. The Bowtie Blaster sports a dark pink trending toward pale red eye encircled by a jagged black ring displaying the trademark hourglass or bowtie shape which in turn has background highlights of faint yellow.  The yellow highlights only make themselves apparent when the Bowtie Blaster is kept under higher lighting. A radiant green band surrounds the chaotic dark center ring, followed by an eccentric and surprisingly long and spikey skirt. The Bowtie Blaster zoa enjoys a wide array of lighting conditions and will change their look depending on where it lives, the lower the lighting and deeper and and more solid their colors become whereas under higher lighting the yellow aspects are evoked and the coloration is very vibrant. This zoanthid enjoys moderate current and lighting from 75 - 200 PAR. While it is a very tough specimen it will display its best growth rate, which is relatively quick, when water quality is stable.

Bowtie Blaster Zoa