A Deluxe Corals exclusive, from our tank to yours! This is a one of a kind zoa you can get nowhere else! No two of these zoanthids are the same, which is where the ‘chaos’ bit of their name comes from. Within the same colony you can have several very different looking polyps. Their eye is deep navy blue, surrounded by a ghostly pale center and transitioning into sometimes a deep orange skirt or on occasion an alternating orange and blue. This rare zoanthid enjoys high lighting, medium flow, and sports a pretty quick growth rate. The Deluxe Chaos is a very hardy zoa and enjoys being fed every now and then. You can tell they are happy when you are seeing a high growth rate and see extension on the skirts. While they are a very hardy zoa the Deluxe Chaos benefits immensely from very stable water parameters, spikes in water quality will result in an unhappy colony of zoas.

Deluxe Chaos Morph Zoa