The Little Shop of Horror zoanthid has an awesome array of colors. The eye is a deep maroon ringed with indigo, followed by warm yellow with slight red striations shifting to a neon green at the edge of the skirt. The skirt itself is a beautiful alternating forest and lime green pattern. When the Little Shop of Horror is happy the extension on the skirt is rather long despite the small circumference of the zoa. The Little Shop zoa prefers medium lighting and low flow but they absolutely do not tolerate quick changes in water parameters. Perhaps late at night you may hear this zoa whisper “Feed me, Seymour…” and like its namesake the Little Shop of Horror zoa will show an increased growth rate with occasional feeding. The Little Shop of Horror zoanthid will do well in medium lighting anywhere from 70-100 PAR. Take care when moving this zoa into higher light, do it slowly over a period of weeks for the best results.

GB Little Shop of Horror Zoa