One of the most sought after zoanthids in the hobby and for good reason. The Hallucination Zoanthid has coloration unlike any other, starting with a black and orange speckled eye, transitioning into an orange body, then transitioning again into alternating black and orange marking and finally a stunning green skirt. They slowly develop more speckles as they mature as when they are only babies they often only show a horizontal black line across their orange center. They are one of the more sensitive zoas out there and they will not tolerate changes in water quality at all, because of this they are notorious melters. However if you have a stable environment, high lighting, medium to low flow, and feed them on occasion they can have a steady growth rate. The have a medium to slow rate of growth however any changes to the environment can slow them incredibly. Even for being sensitive they are a stunning addition to any reef.

Hallucination Zoa