The Reverse Hallucination zoanthid is an eye catching showstopper. The center is metallic cherry red with the characteristic Hallucination chaotic dark speckling as the zoanthid comes into maturity. The skirt has a vibrant alternating green and dark coloration and some of the best contrasting colors in a zoa. When the Reverse Hallucination is happy it has a medium to fast growth rate preferring medium lighting from 60 to 100 PAR. While this zoa can handle higher flow in our experience it is not required for maintaining peak growing conditions. Though the Reverse Hallucination does enjoy broadcast feeding from the water column target feeding is not required. This zoanthid is of medium hardiness but is sensitive to drastic changes in lighting and water quality so take care when moving the Reverse Hallucination to higher lighting or if your tank is experiencing spikes in alkalinity.

Reverse Hallucination Zoa